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Pair of D60 Kingpin Outer Knuckles (Chevy/Dodge) Keyed High Steer Arms

Price: $440.00
Product Details

Price is per Pair

Features                                                                    Keyed High Steer Arms
  • Cast from high strength nodular iron.
  • Designed with increased webbing and material thicknesses in critical areas.
  • 6 tapped holes and machined key for high shear loads.
  • Designed to work with all kingpin inner knuckles.
  • Includes spindle studs and locknuts.
  • Allows use of standard kingpin parts.
  • Heavy duty replacement for Chevy and Dodge applications.
  • These will stand the test of time and keep on going long after factory knuckles fail.
Item Number: SA0760KPK
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